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Jalapeno salsa photo
Original cream cheese salsa
Jalapeno cream cheese photo
Original Salsa photo

Becki's Mediterranean Olive Salsa
is a unique blend of zesty Sicilian style green olives, rich flavorful ripe olives, loads of healthy freshly chopped vegetables, and Italian herbs, in a delicious Mediterranean olive oil marinade. It is the perfect hors d'oeuvre when paired with favorite crackers or artisan breads, and scrumptious atop a burger or pizza.

Becki's Olive Salsa Cream Cheese
has all the great flavors of Becki's Olive Salsa in a satisfying creamy spread. It's every party's favorite dip for crackers, breads or veggies. This version pairs beautifully with deli meats to create a delicious sandwich or wrap.

Becki's Olive Salsa Jalapeno
was created at the insistence of Becki's sons, and has quickly become a favorite. This little 'hottie' combines Olive Salsa with the mild bite of jalapeno and crushed red chilies. Scoop it with corn chips during the pre-game show...tuck it into omelets for a lively taste...or invent a pasta dish with a little extra kick.

Becki's Olive Salsa Jalapeno Cream Cheese
-- an instant hit! It's simply Becki's Olive Salsa Cream Cheese with a sassy kick at the end. Makes a fantastic topping on a baked potato or bagel. Guaranteed to bring you and your guests back for more.

Becki's Black Bean Salsa
--Thick Flavorful Salsa loaded with firm black beans, diced tomatoes,fresh onions and parsley, and a southwest blend of herbs and spices(combined for that 'just right, spicy but not hot' delicious mouthful!). All Natural ingredients, high in fiber and gluten free.

Recipe of the Month
Recipe of the Month
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Becki's Mom's Great Granola-- A delicious moist baked granola with organic whole grains, hearty pecans and almonds chewy dried cranberries, raisins and coconut. All natural ingredients that you recognize and trust!
NO artificial anything, no cholestral, no hydrogenated fats, no trans fats, no high fructose corn sweeteners  *sweetened with clover honey, no salt.
Serve with your favorite yogurt and a simple breakfast becomes a sweet indulgence
Our New Mocha Latte Granola
Ingredients include Organic whole grains with rich dark chocolate, coffee beans, walnuts and just the right amount of tangy cranberries and sunflower seeds. A perfect start to the day with yogurt, a quick pick-me-up snack, or served over ice cream for a satisfying dessert.

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