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Becki's Mozzarella Wraps

1 package Bel Gioioso Fresh Mozzarella Sheet (found in the specialty cheese  section of your favorite grocers)
1-8 oz container Becki's Olive Salsa or Becki's Jalapeno Olive Salsa
Red Lettuce leaves, washed and well dried
Thinly sliced Smoked Turkey or Ham

Unroll the Fresh Mozzarella sheet (approx. 6" wide by 20" long) onto a clean, dry, smooth surface.

Optional: With a sharp knife or kitchen shears, slice the sheet in half (6" wide by 10" long), allowing for two different serving ideas if desired.

Layer lettuce leaves, Deli sliced meat, Becki's Olive Salsa. Drain any wet ingredients to create a tighter roll.

Roll back up. To prep ahead, wrap rolls in plastic wrap and refrigerate until serving.

Slice, serve on fresh baguette slices or crostini and enjoy!
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