Becki's Olive Salsa Muffaletta

1 round loaf Italian bread
3 oz sliced smoked turkey
3 oz. sliced aged salami
3 oz. slice capicolla
3 oz. sliced provolone cheese
1 container Becki's Mediterranean Olive Salsa, or Becki's Olive Salsa with Jalapenos

Slice loaf of bread n half, pull some of the interior from the top half
Spread  ½ container Becki's Olive Salsa on each cut surface.
Cut meats and cheese into strips; layer meats and cheese.
Cover with top half of loaf;  cut into wedges

For do ahead wrap in foil and refrigerated until ready to serve.
Option to leave in foil, but open foil and place in oven or on the grill for a warm version

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